First Rehabilitation Centre of South Bengal

Event at Medinipur janani

We at medinipur Janani believe basically that the core of our disease based on an in adequate state of emotion which manifests the obsessive Compulsive behavioural disorder that an addict or alcoholics suffers as disease of addiction.

As a spiritual remedy we believe that without living and enjoying life it is not possible to abstain from choice of chemicals. So each event describes the fundamental factors of recovery through a simple practical way.

Events such as gratitude meeting, Night Vigil, New Year resolution Bonfire meeting etc.

The basic format of gratitude meeting is based on the thankfulness of our community, who are completely abstaining from the first peg/dope and enjoying life in a social way.

Night Vigil – To enjoy life in a positive manner we organise an event to celebrate any particular night with an intense Program Schedule.

We share our practicing in recovery, share our emotions experiences, burning desires, hope strengths etc. We discuss over a particular theme and share our perspective over the topics given by the Narcotics Anonymous group for that particular night.

An addict usually take the help of chemical substances in order to enjoy any occasion or festival. We celebrate various occasions & festivals like New Years in order to help an addict experience such occasions without any chemical dependency. The objective is for an addict to live and enjoy life without the use of any chemical.